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The Centre welcomes new fellows for the new semester

News from Apr 25, 2024

The Human Abilities Centre is happy to welcome new fellows for the new semester:

Alex Gregory (Fellow, University of Southampton) works in metaethics, moral psychology, ethics and on wellbeing.

Daniel Heider (Fellow, University of South Bohemia (Budweis)) focuses on Early Modern Scholastic Philosophy, Medieval Philosophy and Philosophy of Mind.

Daniel Kranzelbinder (Fellow, Center for Hellenic Studies, Harvard University - Ancient philosophy, epistemology, history of science, metaphysics) started his stay at the end of last semester.

Matthew Mandelkern (Fellow, New York University - Philosophy of language, semantics, pragmatic) stayed at the Centre between the semesters.

To find out more about our latest fellows, just click on their names to open the full profile.

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