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The Centre welcomes five new Fellows for the new semester

News from Oct 01, 2021

The Human Abilities - Centre for Advanced Studies in the Humanities is pleased to welcome five new fellows for the new semester:

  • Maike Albertzart (Fellow, Universität Mainz)
    • Moral Philosophy, action theory, metaethics
  • Ian Campbell (Fellow)
    • Ancient Philosophy
  • Tamara Jugov (Associated Fellow, TU Dresden)
    • Political philosophy, theories of justice, theories of power and non-domination, social construction of human abilities
  • Benjamin Kiesewetter (Fellow)
    • Moral philosophy, metaethics, reasons and rationality
  • Tom Schoonen (Fellow)
    • epistemology and metaphysics of modality, epistemology of abilities, causation

If you want to find out more about our latest fellows, please click on their names to open the full profile.

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